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304-212-2579Anonymous Aug 29 2012 Second time if not more.
304-212-2579One engineer in Berlin, Germany Sep 04 2012 I have received unwanted calls from this number 4 times. Two times today. Two times about one month ago.
304-212-2579Anonymous Sep 04 2012 called then hung up when answered
304-212-2579RistoP Sep 06 2012 I don't know who this is - they hung up on my auto-answer.
304-212-2579Anonymous Sep 12 2012 This number called me today +1 (304) 212-2579, but I didn't response because my iPhone was charging. I'm from Germany and don't know why this number calls me from the US...
304-212-2579Anonymous Sep 13 2012 I
304-212-2579Anonymous Sep 19 2012 This number called me today +1 (304) 212-2579, but I didn't response because my iPhone was charging. I'm from Germany and don't know why this number calls me from the US... Read more at http://www.callercenter.com/304-212-2579.html#SRSSQA0QRuG8sGqy.99
304-212-2579Anonymous Sep 24 2012 I received a voice mail from this number on my cell phone. When I selected the option to 'return a call' this was the number that had called me. There was no message and my phone number is listed with the national "DO NOT CALL" registery here in the United States. How did they get my unlisted and unpublished number? It is very annoying and I would like it stopped.
304-212-2579Anonymous Sep 25 2012 Got the call after downloading software k-Lite codec which had adware / spyware and the same advert as this page - binary options trading. Removing codec software to get rid of tracking. Also check out = gone dollaly veriifcation code
304-212-2579Angry in Canada Aug 29 2012 Got a call from this number 3042122579. They hung up on the answering machine.
304-212-2579puzzled Sep 04 2012 Got two calls. Didn't answer the first one. Second (immediately after the first), they hung up when I answered.
304-212-2579Maxwell Hammer Sep 06 2012 Tries to sell me credit card protection
304-212-2579Kevman Sep 12 2012 This number called me two times up till now. First on voicemall with no message in it (silence). Then the day after, I have said my name and again a silence on the other side of the line.. very strange!Kevman, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
304-212-2579Anonymous Oct 10 2012 This number called yesterday and today about 9 times within the same minute when I did not answer.
304-212-2579Ervin Aug 18 2012 recurring rings with this no.
304-212-2579Anonymous Oct 19 2012 I
304-212-2579Rick F Oct 23 2012 I missed the call and they left no message.
304-212-2579Anonymous Oct 29 2012 Called me twice, did not answer.
304-212-2579shawn Oct 31 2012 also called me twice, i didnt answer
304-212-2579Anonymous Nov 12 2012 I got now for the second time a call from this number. I didn't answer it.
304-212-2579Andrej Nov 21 2012 This is an automated call through an on-line VoIP provider with a bogus number that seems valid. The intent is malicious and is a result from your infected computer (windows) with iTunes that have an iPhone sycned or backed up to it. It's intention is to confirm that your identity is still valid, and by doing so tagging your infected computer as one worth abusing. The similar "confirmation process" in stolen credit card numbers are when attackers are placing $1 transactions to confirm a credit card is still valid, to divide the valid ones from the false or non-valid ones. How does the trojan/spyware get your phone number? It scans your computer's iTunes database/backup and settings for your iPhone, gains your number and then calls it within normal business hours for your country-region to confirm if you answer. It calls a few times to be sure. If the call is answered this lets the attacker know you are a valid target worth abusing. Immediately install antivirus/antispyware software and run in depth scans of your computer and external devices (usb drives, network drives, etc). For me and my Windows7, an updated version of the free-for-home-use Microsoft Security Essentials has solved the problem. Best Regards and happy hunting. Andrej
304-212-2579Anonymous Nov 26 2012 this number caled me three times today. i didnt answered it. i dont have iphone. i have android smart phone. this malicious code could get my number because of an android application
304-212-2579Floor N Nov 29 2012 I live in the Netherlands and received a call from IBM. They appearently use this number in the US to contact customers also outside the US. It was a small interview whether I was content with the handling of a hardware service call. Nothing to do with malicious software, just a general call center number.
304-212-2579Peter Nov 30 2012 I'm living in The Netherlands and got this call of few minutes ago, but dit not answer it.
304-212-2579Valerie Oct 23 2012 Two calls - ID says FWDUSER 1216,  I don't pickup numbers or names I don't know.
304-212-2579Mike Nov 02 2012 My staff and I get calles regularly starting a week ago.  We don't answer them.  Any advice on stopping them?
304-212-2579Gaya Dec 11 2012 I have received a call from this number several days in a row.  They never leave a message.
304-212-2579Deen Dec 15 2012 I got a missed call and looks like somebody somewhere is trying to sell me something,
304-212-2579Gaston Dec 18 2012 Call from this number - did not pick up...
304-212-2579Mike O'Toole Jan 16 2013 Caller was performing a survey for a recently completed service call with the Compucom help desk.
304-212-2579Anonymous Feb 05 2013 The number has called me Atleast 15 Times durring an 8 day period. The man on the other end knew I had received service for my lexmark printer and he wanted to know my opinion on the service I got.
304-212-2579withheld Jan 08 2013 This is the same caller ID that displays for surveys run on HP Tippingpoint support.
304-212-2579ricfer620 Jan 24 2013 I want the FCC to find these guys and shut them down!!!! What is up with the FCC? I thought they were the high and mighty Telecommunications Agency. Gentlement, put a stop to this harassment !!!
304-212-2579BA Jan 29 2013 Call showed as FWDUSER 1216.  It was a survey about recent Fujitsu service call.  Was not Fujitsu, but a company calling on their behalf.
304-212-2579Imad Mar 14 2013 Called me also today. Didn't answer on this. I also wonder, why someone is calling for me from there. I live in Finland.
304-212-2579Anonymous Apr 11 2013 I
304-212-2579RistoP Sep 05 2012 I don't know who this is - they hung up on my auto-answer.
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