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202-000-1111Anonymous Sep 15 2012 unknown number from a DC area code. Keeps calling my number at crazy hours of the day and night and then doesn't say anything when I ask who this is. I finally cussed them out and told them to lose my number.
202-000-1111Anonymous Sep 17 2012
202-000-1111Anonymous Sep 17 2012 Have no idea who this is or why they called my restricted unlisted number
202-000-1111Anonymous Sep 18 2012 Calls in reference to an $8400 "government grant" when I answered. Attempted to get my checking account #. When I pressed issue on verifying the authenticity of it they hung up. Busy call center in background and they all sound foreign.
202-000-1111Anonymous Sep 18 2012 I won the $8400 grant as well, told him it sounded like a scam and I have to give him credit for trying to continue. I told them to mail me a check and once it cashes I'll be happy to talk. They hung up.
202-000-1111Cody Sep 05 2012 I got it too,  election poll maybe?
202-000-1111Jojo Sep 06 2012 I got a call from this number stating that they were from the "goveroment" in Washington DC. && that ive won $8,430, && i would have to provide was my bank account # or card #. I asked if they had a website that I could verify this on && the woman hung up the phone.!
202-000-1111Megan Sep 07 2012 I got the same call from the same number, when I began asking questions and asked how they can prove they are from the government, they listed my name, address and phone number. I asked what my social security number was and they couldn't give it to me. If they were from the government they would have that info. Definitely a scam. I gave them no information.
202-000-1111Cam Sep 18 2012 My call went exactly the same way to the letter!  I asked for website to verify the $8,400 gov't grant and they hung up!
202-000-1111Paul K Sep 18 2012 Got the same call and when i asked if they can give me at lest my last four numbers of my social security number the lady hang up on me !! so it's a scam.
202-000-1111Chris Sep 06 2012 more  than  likely  another  #  from the "  202"  area  code  fraud  scams and  calls etc....highly   probable  a  continuation  of  the  "  202"  area  code  fraud  scams............(  fake  calls /  spoffed  etc......).....SUBJECT  changes  out  all the time..........one  time  it's a  survey ,  next free  money  ,  next collecting  for a   payday  loan  etc....202  area  code  faud  scams !!!!!PLEASE  NOTE !!!   THESE  SCAMMERS  ARE ALSO IMPERSONATING   THE  US  GOV'T /  SEVERAL  GOV'T  OFFICES AND   PERSONS....BEWARE !!!-  new  twist  is  they  are   also  impersonating  DEA  officials  /  IRS   etc....  with  threats  to  arrest you  unless  you  immediately  send money  via  wire   transfer /  western  union   to some   offshore  country  !!!!!   obvious  scam  !!!some  are landlines...many  are  cell phones...some  are  spoofed  and  linked  to  offshore foreign call centers  /  countries !!!!we've  traced  back  most  of  these  numbers  to  offshore  foreign    call centers  in  INDIA /  THAILAND / AFRICA  /  JAMAICA  /  COSTA   RICA.... ETC....here's   other  numbers  posted  from  the   same  area  code  offering a  wide  variety  of  scams  /  fake  emails and  scams  after  posting  something  on   craigslist   (  old  scam  )  ...... collecting  for  non  existant  "  payday  loans "....free  money / scam  giveaways /  calling  on  behalf  of  a  humane  society..... $1,000's  in  free  gov't  money......../   conducting  some  "  unknown  survey "........  etc  etc.....stories  change  out  all the  time......and  the  usual  nonsense!!!**   mysteriously  call to  claim  they  have  several  thousand  of  dollars  to  send  you....just  provide  your  bank  account and  credit  card   right  away   etc etc.........scam scam several  of  these are  the  usual   long  ongoing  scams   such  as  :  you  have  won a  free  walmart /  bestbuy  gift  card....or  you  have  won a  free  ipad  etc......all  long  ongoing  scams202-621-0436  ( offshore  foreign  call center ? )  poor  english and  violent on the  phone!  claim  to  be  giving  away  $1,000's  in  free cash....just  give  them all your  personal  info  etc........202-478-8098202-800-5680202-407-7221202-552-1545202-657-4485202-684-6393202-607-2732202-657-6800202-905-0682202-215-2622202-202-0000  ( fake  #  ) 202-559-4661202-684-6796202-615-1823202-239-0331202-407-7213202-657-6252202-559-0667202-558-4605202-684-8305202-785-5534202-827-0661202-621-0667202-534-3926202-599-8726202-286-0705202-559-0687202-779-8686202-234-3930202-683-9875202-405-4852202-599-7894202-895-0900202-779-8686202-738-5647202-417-7606202-403-4812202-379-1926202-644-8750202-595-9420202-870-5859202-380-3449202-674-8706202-730-9951202-684-2191202-674-8789202-615-5910202-417-4483202-664-2228202-506-8939202-640-5461202-559-4645202-674-2106202-239-2860202-470-0037202-239-1271202-379-1935202-470-6720202-505-6138202-650-6145202-715-6610202-684-8622202-800-5517202-559-4664202-436-9919202-241-4267202-827-0660202-599-8821202-407-9217202-280-7882202-391-0961202-640-5457202-640-5495202-640-2926202-559-7869202-434-1317202-738-9778202-644-8989202-730-9945202-580-8490202-827-1692202-747-7372202-280-7264202-496-0986202-556-4418202-709-3010202-445-7881202-679-4428202-905-0699202-896-3563202-351-3916202-407-9198202-684-6540202-695-8604202-304-5614202-280-5502202-800-5537202-234-3930202-354-8935202-123-4567  (  obviously  a  faked  #  by a  fraud  scammer )202-552-4779202-249-7541202-684-6934202-657-6907202-664-0962202-674-4728202-666-6887202-657-5284202-594-8012202-640-5471202-280-7039202-499-1488202-499-1612202-777-7212202-656-1162202-999-3870202-695-8950202-000-1111     faked  # , obviously
202-000-1111HappyGoLucky Sep 06 2012 i am so glad I just read this....dear god...just got off the phone with them. 202-000-1111
202-000-1111bernadette Sep 06 2012 stop this fake company with caller id showin District of columbia take care pf them please
202-000-1111bernadettetype Sep 06 2012 type error i meant to say take care of
202-000-1111TKC Sep 06 2012 Get a call from this number every day. Don't answer because it looks fake???
202-000-1111dont like to be called Sep 06 2012 Caller called numerous times. left message like he was some kind of freak or weirdo. Did not leave any important info for call back or what call was about.
202-000-1111dkc Sep 07 2012 Husband received cal  from 202-000-1111 they told him they were the us gov grant department they want to give him $8400. in grant money they need a bank acct. # or cc# to complete. He told them that if this is leg. to mail him info that he wouldn't give him that info over phone and they hung up on him.
202-000-1111Pissed off Sep 07 2012 Just got a call from 202-000-1111 and guy on the phone had a foreign accent, claiming the U.S. government is offering me free grant in the amount of $8400.  Of course, all I had to do was provide my bank account information. LOL.  Sure, buddy - I'm gonna give a perfect stranger this information.  I told him how do I know this is not a scam?  He instantly hung up on me.  LOL.  ALWAYS trust your instincts and NEVER give confidential information out over the phone unless you want your accounts to be drained by these scammers/liars.
202-000-1111dkc Sep 07 2012 I called Federal Trade Commision to Reort this Number as a scam
202-000-1111joe Sep 08 2012 whats thier number
202-000-1111hate fakes Sep 07 2012 I been receiving phone calls from this number for the past two weeks so today I decided to answer and some man was on the other end telling me I was one of the 50 ppl to receive 8400 in grant money I asked hw do i knw this is true he said that he was working with the U.S. government I asked him to prove it he couldbt so he went on to ask for my birthday i hung up in his face.
202-000-1111weird number Sep 08 2012 got a call a few minutes ago, heard people in the background like at some kinda office, No one said anything and they hung up a couple seconds after I said "hello".
202-000-1111ButterflyFan Sep 10 2012 The number called saying that they were a government agency and that I was picked because I filled my taxes on time & that I didn't do something with parole money in 12 months.  The woman said that the money was totally free because they had extra money.  The money that I was able to get was to be put into my account or on a major credit/debit card.  I said that I didn't have my information available.  The woman called back and I said that I didn't want to do it.  She then started to yell at me for wasting HER time and calling me back.  I said that you were wasting my time with this call and hung up on her.  TOTAL scam!!!!
202-000-1111Mopen Sep 11 2012 I got the same call. After I answered they hung up. I think we should make life miserable for them and go along with the call and give them a bogus account number and send them on a wail goose chase.How about that you all?
202-000-1111GetnEven Sep 11 2012 I have received numerous calls from this phone number but I refused to answer them. The 4th time I finally answered with the words "FBI, how may I direct your call?" They hung up. Answering unsolicited calls with these words usually ensures they won't call back again. If you do get repeat calls, just answer again with these same words. The calls will STOP especially if you tell them you are now transferring them to a special agent. Or make up an agent's name and say that agent will call them back if they get disconnected since YOU now have their number on your caller ID.
202-000-1111Val Sep 06 2012 I just got a phone call from this number. The man with heavy middle east accent, introduced himself as officer John Connor from the US Treasury Department. He asked me to give him my bank account # or credit card # so he can deposit $8400 into my account. I told him to send me the check instead and he hung up.
202-000-1111dkc Sep 07 2012 My husband also received call told him it was us gov. grant department and they were going to give him $8400.00 in grant money and he needed to give them bank acct. # or credit card # he told them if this is legit. send something in the mail because we were not giving any info over phone and they hung up on him.
202-000-1111Tommy Sep 07 2012 They just called me from this number: Charlene from the "U S Government Grants Department" but barely able to speak English, and calling from a fake number.  Asked for bank information because I supposedly qualified for a $10,000 in educational grants. I laughed and she hung up.
202-000-1111Joe Sep 08 2012 I also had a call from this number they somehow already had my address and also my name and phone number.  They said that this grant money could be used for anything, except gambling, drinking, or drugs.  This guy asked for my birthdate and said it was to confirm my identity.  I then asked for his adress knowing this was not ligit.  He gave me an adress of 200 independance avenue southwest washington D.C. and said he was from the human resources department.  he told me i did not have to give my bank account number, but could use a Walmart card.  When he asked how much time i needed for this I said a couple of days, hoping to report this somewhere, not sure where.  Yes the guy most definately sounds middle-eaqstern.
202-000-1111joe Sep 08 2012 Also this call occoured on a saturday at 330 in the afternoon.
202-000-1111na Sep 09 2012 They keep calling me I want anwser
202-000-1111srk Sep 10 2012 I got a call from this # at 4:55 pm est today and did not answer and they did not leave a message.
202-000-1111Cam Sep 10 2012 They called me as well today did not answer and will not answer
202-000-1111Beth Sep 12 2012 Same thing just happened to me, someone who couldn't speak English well, offering free money, and wanting a bank account number. I did not give my information, but who do you contact to report this, and just as I am writing this I received another call, different person, but still telling me I qualify for $8,400 in grant money that doesn't have to be paid back and to use however I want, as long as I don't use it for drinking or drugs. but still want personal information, I just hung up on them. Who do you report this to?
202-000-1111Kenzie Sep 13 2012 Same number just called me and told me I got selected for a grand of $8400 from the government. It was a woman at first (who could barely speak English). She said she was going to connect me with another person, I didn't quite catch who she said it was. the man i was connected too (who also could barely speak english) said I could use the money for only positive use such as to pay off debt and school loan etc. He asked me to verify my address. He gave me the address he had and it was an address I never lived at. The man asked me how i would use the money. I told him some things I would use the money for IF IT WASN'T A SCAM He asked me to give him my true address and I told him I didn't want to give him my address in case it was some sort of scam and he hung up on me.
202-000-1111Carlos Sep 13 2012 I just got a call from this number. My mother always said when something seems to be too good to be true, it's too good to be true. I inquired about the reasoning for them giving me this money, and I didn't get a clear answer. The woman was all over the place. It's the motherfuckin dumb a** terrorists doing this s**t.
202-000-1111Jane Doe Sep 14 2012 they call me all hours of the nite
202-000-1111Dirk Aug 10 2012 these people keep on phoning us we want anwser
202-000-1111Tamisha Aug 14 2012 we rang Federal Trade Commision to Reort this no. as a con
202-000-1111Kay Aug 14 2012 these people rang us also earlier today didnt reply & wont reply
202-000-1111Derek Aug 15 2012 this ring occoured on a sunday at 330 in the morning.
202-000-1111Kaci Aug 16 2012 Get a ring with this no. every day. do not reply cos this looks fake???
202-000-1111Prince Aug 16 2012 we had a ring with this number at 4:55 pm est earlier today & didnt reply & these people didnt pass on a msg.
202-000-1111Brad Aug 18 2012 we had this too,  election poll maybe?
202-000-1111Anton Aug 18 2012 these people ring us all hours of the nite
202-000-1111Micha Aug 19 2012 quit this bogus firm with Calling-ID showin District of columbia take care pf 'em please
202-000-1111Ollie Aug 21 2012 We are therefore happy we just read this. dear god. just had off the telephone with them. 202-000-1111
202-000-1111Daniel Aug 24 2012 type error we meant to say take care of
202-000-1111Jamison Aug 25 2012 our ring went exactly the identical way to the letter!  I requested for site to confirm the $8,400 government grant & these people hung up!
202-000-1111Ira Aug 29 2012 whats is thier no.
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