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182-010-5008Anonymous Apr 10 2013 claim to be from "computer maintenance". Have called 3 days in a row.
182-010-5008Anonymous Apr 16 2013 been calling for a week! can't make them stop, going to blow a whistle in their ear
182-010-5008Anonymous May 09 2013 I sked 2 days in a row to stop calling me and today the woman who spoke very little English said "mame I will call again" I fianally cussed and hung up they call every day!
182-010-5008Anonymous May 20 2013 Terri said: ThIs guy with an Indian accent has called me everyday saying he is from Microsoft windows and that my computer has been hacked and he needs me to follow his instructions to fix the problem. When I tell him that I don't believe him and that I'll get my computer guy to check it out he says he needs his name and number because he's probably the hacker. When i tell him he sounds like a hacker himself he says that he is going to report me to the government and hangs up on me.
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